Child Behavior Health Specialist Program Courses and Skills

Students will be expected to demonstrate the following core program objectives through their coursework and field-based work: 

    • Professional Core where students will demonstrate professionalism across service settings, including understanding of professional ethics, and appropriate consultation with practitioners. Students will gain over 700 hours of direct service with youth as part of this course sequence.  
    • Knowledge Core where students will demonstrate an understanding of health equity and promotion, risk and protective factors in children and adolescents across identities, abilities, and family backgrounds/structures.  
    • Skill Development Core where students demonstrate foundational intervention skills with children, adolescents, and families from all communities, including culturally responsive and affirming delivery of services and evidence-based programs. 
    • DEI Core where students demonstrate knowledge of prevention and intervention theory, and the ability to identify evidence-based practices and programs, particularly addressing the needs of historically underserved populations. 

Specific course descriptions coming soon.