Engage With Us

Engage with Us

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At The Ballmer Institute for Children’s Behavioral Health we are committed to listening to, learning from, and working with partners to expand on the work to promote the behavioral health and wellness of children and adolescents. 

Whether you are connected to a local organization or community group, college or university administrator, a faculty member or a student interested in the programs, we welcome the opportunity to hear from you.


Workforce and Training Partnerships
Although we are just beginning, we are eager to learn how child behavioral health specialists could benefit your organization. Will you encourage or sponsor employees to enroll in our graduate certificate program? Do you plan to hire our alumni?
Academic Partnerships
We are excited about expanding pathways to becoming a child behavioral health specialist and how this new role could be a launching point to other rewarding careers. Do you want to learn more about our curriculum? Do you have ideas for maximizing student access and success?
Community Partnerships
Are you excited about the mission of the Ballmer Institute?  Is our mission well-aligned to your community? Are there other synergies or potential avenues for collaboration?

Ready to connect?

Email: ballmerinstitute@uoregon.edu