Ballmer Institute Courses

As a new academic training program, the child behavioral health major will continue to evolve over time. We are routinely engaged in curriculum revision and enhancement and expect changes as we continue to learn from our students, our partners, and our community. Our 2+2 design ensures that your final two years will include 90 credits in child behavioral health.  

Take a moment to explore our currently approved program of study below!

Pre-major Core Curriculum

You’ll need to complete core education requirements, bachelor's degree requirements, and the following pre-major core curriculum with a 3.0 GPA. All courses must be taken graded and passed with a C- or better. Meeting these requirements usually takes two years.

Introductory Psychology/Human Services: Choose One
FHS 213: Issues for Children and Families 
FHS 215: Exploring Family and Human Services
PSY 202: Mind and Society 
PPPM 202: Healthy Communities 
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Choose One
FHS 216: Diversity in Human Services 
ES 101: Introduction to Ethnic Studies
PHIL 216: Philosophy and Cultural Diversity
SOC 207: Social Inequality 
Human Development: CHoose One
FHS 328: Human Development in the Family Context                                                                      
PSY 308: Developmental Psychology                                                                                                    

If you have taken a similar course at a transfer institution and have questions about whether it would meet one of these requirements, please reach out to our advising team.  

CBH Specialized Training Program 

Professional Core                          Title credits
BEHT 412 Ethics and Professional Practice for CBHS 4
BEHT 481 Supervised Practicum I in Child Behavioral Health 4
BEHT 482 Supervised Practicum II in Child Behavioral Health 4
BEHT 487 Integrated Practice I in Child Behavioral Health  8
BEHT 488 Integrated Practice II in Child Behavioral Health  8
BEHT 489 Integrated Practice III in Child Behavioral Health 8
Knowledge Core                           Title credits
BEHT 320 Risk and Resilience in Youth Development  4
BEHT 321 Digital Media and Behavioral Health  4
BEHT 340 Evidence-Informed Decision-Making  4
Skill Development Core                     Title Credits
BEHT 411 Foundational Interviewing and Counseling Skills  4
BEHT 413 Screening and Risk Assessment  4
BEHT 471 Child and Youth Supports and Interventions I 4
BEHT472 Child and Youth Supports and Interventions II  4
BEHT 473 Parent and Family Supports and Interventions  4
BEHT 474 Community Interventions to Support Youth and Families  4
DEI COre                                   TITLE CREDITS
BEHT 350 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Theory I  3
BEHT 351 Diversity Equity and Inclusion II  3
BEHT 450 Supporting Behavioral Health of Tribal Youth
BEHT 451 Behavioral Health: Asian and Pacific Islander 
BEHT 452 Supporting Behavioral Health of Latinx Youth 
BEHT 453 Supporting Behavioral Health of Black Youth 
BEHT 454 Supporting Neurodiverse and Disabled Youth 
BEHT 455 Improving Behavioral Health of LGBTQ Youth 
Total credits 90