Prerna Martin

Prerna Martin

Prerna Martin, PhD, MPH

Director of Program Evaluation
Assistant Research Professor

Dr. Prerna Martin is an implementation scientist and clinical psychologist, with a passion for advancing equity in mental health services for underserved children and families worldwide. Dr. Martin uses community-partnered approaches and implementation science methods to improve access to mental health evidence-based practices (EBPs) in low-resource domestic and global settings. Her research focuses on applying and testing implementation strategies to optimize EBP implementation across different levels: 1) adaptation of mental health interventions and stakeholder engagement at the intervention and client level, 2) applying task-shifting, train-the trainer models, and supervisor-focused strategies at the provider level, and 3) using facilitation and other tailoring strategies to support scale-up and sustainment of EBPs at the organization and systems levels. She employs mixed quantitative and qualitative methods and integrates perspectives from clinical, cultural psychology, and public health into her implementation research. The clinical EBPs of focus in her implementation research have been CBT-based transdiagnostic interventions (targeting anxiety, depression, trauma, behavior problems & substance use), trauma-focused CBT, parenting interventions, and suicide prevention interventions. Dr. Martin’s work has been funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, Harvey L. and Maud C. Sorensen Foundation, and Doris Duke Foundation. 

Dr. Martin has led implementation and evaluation efforts for mental health programs across diverse implementation contexts. These include state-funded public health agencies in New York and Washington, public school districts in California, and other low-resource settings globally (India, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Lebanon). She also has a strong background in training and supervising lay providers in EBPs, and is deeply committed to enhancing the behavioral health workforce to better serve minority populations. As the Director of Program Evaluation, Dr. Martin works closely with multilevel stakeholders to evaluate Ballmer’s training program, and its impact on the youth, families, and communities that we serve. 

Dr. Martin earned her bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, her Master of Public Health (MPH) from Boston University, and her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Washington. She completed her pre- and post-doctoral fellowships at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior. Through her work, Dr. Martin is committed to increasing the reach and public health impact of mental health interventions for underserved youth and families.